Due to COVID-19 Americans need Agents like you to guide them through Medicare Plans more than ever.

Direct Mail That Works

SEP "New Movers" Flyer

When individuals aged 65-78 move into your neighborhood from out of state, be the first to reach out and welcome them. Our mailing lists are the best in the business and we update them every month.

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T65 "Turning 65" Mailer

Individuals that are turning 65 need the help of a specialized agent like you. Be the first to reach out regarding their Medicare initial eligibility enrollment period. Choosing the right agent matters as much as their new plan.

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Low Income Subsidy Mailer

Reach eligible beneficiaries who have a limited income and may qualify for Medicare low-income subsidy government program which helps pays for their monthly premium, annual deductible, coinsurance and copayments. 

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We partner with Insurance Agencies and Agents to drive increased sales with proven marketing and advertising campaigns that produce real results.

INSURANCE MKTG is a lead generation management firm built for Insurance Agencies and Agents. Our key to success comes from creating valued partnerships with you our client. We take on your unique marketing and advertising challenges as our own. Our team is built to find the win for you.

We engage and view our efforts as a partnership. We treat your budget like it’s our own. We spend our time focused on the right objectives and do it with an uncanny ability to keep our eye on the goal. We focus on the marketing and advertising objectives so you can focus on growing your business. ​

Whether you are just getting started, wanting to strengthen your brand, drive new business or completely want to revamp your strategy your next call should be to INSURANCE MKTG. We specialize in creating lead generation campaigns that convert into real clients fast and effectively.

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